Chelsea Stone

Teachers - Junior High - Gr. 7 Homeroom - Maternity leave


My name is Chelsea Stone and I am the Grade 8 homeroom Teacher. I also teach English, Foods, Outdoor Educations, Physical Educations, and Health / Religion.

My Goals for Instruction - I will create an inclusive learning environment where students feel safe to try and create their own learning techniques and ideas. I want students to figure out what strategies will work for them and how these strategies will improve their ability and passion to become life-long learners. It is my job to facilitate this environment and to celebrate the diversity of my student body.

My Big Objectives - Empowering students to critically think and create in a safe student-centred environment! I want to reach each student, and help them develop into confident life-long learners of reading and writing!  More importantly, I want them to develop an appreciation of words, ideas, stories, and poetry.

My Faith Goals - I want to share my beliefs and values with students and staff, encourag students to see the benefits of attempting and succeeding in being virtuous through the permeation of Faith, virtue awards, and celebrations, while reflecting on my Faith and discussing Faith with others.

I love the outdoors and hope to encourage students to be active and healthy while enjoying nature.

Get out there and enjoy the fresh air!!!