First Friday Facts... of 2017!


I hope that you’ve enjoyed a restful and recharging holiday season.  We are excited to hear the stories and adventures that our students will share when they return to school on Monday, January 9th!

Just a couple of quick items for you to consider about this upcoming week:

Monday Jan. 9th- Welcome back!  Classes resume, but will be dismissed at 2:30pm for a Staff Meeting.

Tuesday Jan. 10th- Epiphany Celebration @ 11:15am.  While technically Epiphany is actually today (Jan. 6th), we will celebrate on Tuesday, as this tradition is a favorite for our students and too important to miss!

Friday Jan. 13th- Hot Dog Friday.  Many thanks to our Booster Group for continuing our hot dog days in 2017.

Please watch your inbox as our newsletter should be out later this week.

Enjoy your weekend, and Happy Epiphany!